Pallet Furniture

pallet end tableDo you have pallets or pieces of pallets laying around, waiting to be thrown away? Well don’t throw them away! More and more people are actually paying a pretty penny for furniture made from pallets, as pallet furniture is becoming quite a trend. Save your money and save your pallets because I have several ways you can reuse your pallets and turn them into something original, useful, and unique.

Pallet indoor/outdoor table

outdoor table pallet

Can be made to go either inside or outside, finished with oil, wax, or a sealer to add resistance.



Pallet indoor/outdoor coffee table

pallet coffee table with glass & wheels

pallet patio tableEffortlessly stack two pallets one on top of the other, add some casters if you’d like, and there you have it! It comes with a practical shelf for books or anything else you might want to store there. To make it look more appealing, you can add glass to the top.

Pallet sofa/day bed

pallet day bed

pallet sofaA more elaborate project, this one may require six, or even more, pallets. Cover them with your choice of upholstered cushions and pillows, which will add color and design. This one provides lots of storage space underneath!

Pallet island

pallet island

This one will need at least three pallets and some tools. Cut the pallets and secure them together making your own design.

Pallet shelving/book cases

pallet shelf

pallet book shelfProbably the easiest to make, all you have to do is just hang the pallet on the wall, and voila’! Use it to store pictures or other decorative items.








pallet head boardpallet child's bedThere are so many more pallet furniture pieces such as head boards, child’s beds, chairs, a bed for your pet, a reading nook, shoe racks, a vertical garden, modern chandelier, staircase, and so much more. You can add your own finish to each and every one of these pallet furniture pieces to make it look either designer, natural, rustic, vintage, modern, or whatever look you’re going for, with the mere touch of color, design, cushion, glass, wheels or whatever you’d like to make it one-of-a-kind!

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